Saleen Explorer XP8

Attention Saleen Enthusiasts:

Welcome to! This site is dedicated to the Saleen Ford Explorer that was manufactured in very limited quantities by Saleen from 1998 through 2001. If you have a Saleen Explorer that you would like us to feature on the site, then click the link below to contact us. Thanks and I hope that you enjoy the site!

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Saleen Explorers and accessories are rare to find. Let's face it, Saleen will laugh at you if you call them for parts. The only way to find them is through the used market.

The 2001 Final Saleen Explorer XP8 (Pictured Above) is For Sale! Click Here for More Information »

The Saleen XP8 is a performance sport utility vehicle based on the Ford Explorer created by Saleen during the years 1998-2001. There were three prototype models, based on the 1997 Explorer XLT, which when viewed closely, has distinct characteristics.
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SPECIAL GUEST AUTHOR: Spike, the owner of the Final XP8 ever made, has been added as an author to Spike owns the last Saleen Explorer that was produced in 2001, and also a Saleen Mustang. He is the organizer of the Planes, Manes, and Automobiles Ford Show that is held in Osh Kosh, WI each year. He is one of the most respected Ford and Saleen enthusiasts that will ever walk this earth. Welcome Spike!